TREYA: Creative Way to Customize Your Itinerary

The itinerary is an important part of a vacation, it can even be said the itinerary is the most important part if you want to travel. By having an itinerary that is neatly arranged and organized, we can easily measure the efficiency of time and money that we will spend. However, the problem that often occurs is the difficulty of finding platforms that have complete functions that can support vacation activities. Most of the platforms that are known to the general public are only platforms engaged in ticket sales and lodging. Departing from the limitations of making the itinerary, comes a platform that makes it easy for us to make a travel plan for individuals or groups called TREYA.

Of course in making an itinerary we also need the information to determine travel destinations, with the Discover feature on the TREYA platform we can see a lot of recommended places that we can choose as activities to plan holidays according to our wishes. We can also find interesting itineraries from various people around the world, making it easier for us to determine the itinerary. If we already have a plan, we can also make and share it with fellow travelers to arrange together.

When traveling, of course, we also have the obligation to keep proof of purchases of tickets or hotel vouchers for the use which often even becomes a troublesome thing to prepare. In addition to the Discover feature, the TREYA platform also has a Travel Docs feature that can be used to store supporting documents needed during a holiday trip such as tickets, vouchers attraction.

Another convenience provided in the TREYA travel application is the Expense Tracker feature, wherewith this feature we can easily track the budget so as not to make our vacation to be over budget than specified. No need to bother separating into different note applications, we can directly record them on our route.

Not only does TREYA provide a new experience in making itineraries, but TREYA also has features that make it easy for us to monitor the price of airline tickets on every ticket sales platform. So, we don’t need to have many platforms to compare prices at one time because TREYA already has a Travel Products feature to support these activities.

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