Procedures for Making a Japanese Visa

One of the requirements for being able to enjoy a holiday moment in the country of Sakura, aka Japan, is having a visa. A visa is a permit or recommendation needed to enter a country (but this is not an absolute guarantee that you will be allowed to enter) and to have a Japanese visa there are certain conditions or procedures that must be done. Usually making a visa can use the services of your travel agency if you buy a tour package (of course there is a service fee yes!) Or you can also make a Japanese visa application independently.

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Well, this time we will discuss the requirements and procedures for making a Japanese visa independently! But you don’t need to worry because making a Japanese visa is not too difficult because the Japanese government still continues to develop regulations so that visa applications can be more easily applied for travelers from Indonesia. Are you ready? Let’s consider the following things so your plans to vacation in Japan can be realized immediately!


For Jakarta residents, the process for applying for a Japanese visa as of September 2017 is no longer carried out at the Japanese Embassy but at the Japan Visa Application Center (JVAC) located at Lotte Shopping Avenue Lt. 4 (Ciputra World 1). Whereas those who are domiciled in the jurisdiction of the Surabaya Consulate General, Medan, Denpasar and the Makassar Consular Office, the submission is still made at the consulate general or consular office respectively. 

Make sure you know your visa application needs first, there are several categories that apply at the Japanese Embassy, ​​such as:

  • E-Passport Visa (Visa Waiver) Registration (but can also be done at JVAC)
  • Diplomatic Visa and Service Visa
  • Visa transfers from old passports to new passports
  • Issuance of visas relating to humanitarian emergencies.

All visa application activities or visa-free registration at JVAC will be subject to an administration fee per passport that will be paid at the time of visa collection. 


There are 2 types of Japanese visas for holiday destinations that you can choose from, namely a temporary visit visa for tourist visits at your own expense (single entry) and temporary visa multiple entry. A multiple entry temporary visit visa is valid for up to 3 years with a maximum stay of 30 days per visit. Each type visa has a different price, for a Japanese visa single entry IDR 390,000, while a temporary entry visa for multiple entry IDR 780,000.

If you are going to transit in Japan, you also need to apply for a transit visa for IDR 90,000.


requirements for making a Japanese visa depend on the type of visa and to avoid your application being rejected, make sure you meet these requirements!

To apply for a Japanese visa with a type of tourist visit at your own expense / single entry, the requirements are as follows:

  • Have a valid passport (min. 6 months before expiring)
  • Complete the visa application form (download link can be found here
  • Latest photo passport size 4.5 X 4.5 cm, taken the last 6 months and without a background, not the result of editing, and clear / not blurry 
  • Photocopy of KTP
  • Photocopy of Student Card or Learning Certificate (if still a student)
  • Proof of booking a ticket (a document that can prove the date of entry and exit in Japan)
  • Complete the travel itinerary form (download link you can find here later fill in as complete as possible, all activities from entry to exit Japan
  • Photocopy of savings book or current account for the last 3 months. If the person in charge of fees is not the applicant, they must attach a document that can prove the relationship with the person in charge of the cost (eg Father / Mother).

Meanwhile, for applying for a temporary visit visa with multiple entries, here are some of the basic requirements that must be met in order to facilitate the submission process:

  • Applicant is an Indonesian citizen who has an ordinary passport type MRP (Machine Readable Passport) or E-passport.
  • Has traveled to Japan at least once in the past 3 years (as evidenced by the Japanese immigration stamp on the passport)
  • Having sufficient economic capacity. In this case the applicant is requested to attach adequate supporting documents, which can be in the form of a copy of a savings account, proof of ownership of property, and other evidence.
  • Had a brief visit to Japan and several visits to G7 countries other than Japan (more than 1 visit in the last 3 years)

Full requirements regarding applying for a temporary visit visa with multiple entries  can be read at thelink following.

That is the information that can be given regarding the terms and procedures for making a Japanese visa. Is that clear enough? Good luck for those of you who have plans to visit the land of Sakura, don’t forget to keep a travel journal together using Treya that is already in your Playstore or your favorite AppStore!