The Latest Netflix Top Series

Hashtag #DiRumahAja resonates on social media in Indonesia. Even full-time workers began to be “dismissed” one by one. Not only in capitals and big cities in Indonesia, even in provinces such as Kalimantan, many people have begun to isolate themselves. Working from home or often abbreviated as WFH does not feel overwhelming at first. But it turns out it’s not easy because you have to start something outside your routine. Now, to get rid of boredom or stress, try watching one of the latest Top 5 Netflix Series.

  • Kingdom “Korean-style Walking Dead”
kingdom - series netflix terbaru

Who likes the series from South Korea? You need to know that the South Korean series is not always a matter of romance that brings tears to your eyes. Kingdom is one of the latest Netflix series that really brings fresh ideas for serial film lovers especially Drakor.

Kingdom tells the story of a mysterious plague that makes anyone infected will become a zombie. If you’ve ever watched the movie Train to Busan, then Kingdom is said to be comparable to the excitement of the film, but with a longer version.

The actors who play in this series are also top actors who are sure to be able to make this film feel better. In this series filled with tense scenes. The audience will certainly be made curious and addicted to watching it.

  • Money Heist “Robin Hood Millennium”
money heist - series netflix 2020

You must be familiar with the legendary story of Robin Hood, right? Well, this Money Heist series can be called a modern version of Robin Hood. The main idea of this series is a tactical war between the robbers and the police who try to arrest them.

Unlike the usual robbery film where the target is the average bank. Well, if in Money Heist, the robbers immediately robbed at a printing press located in the country of Spain.

This group of people is trained in such a way by someone called a professor. Well, the professor here is also unique because he emphasizes everyone in his group so that there is no killing of either hostages or the police.

From one season to another, this series succeeded in making the audience curious about the tactics, new targets, genius storylines and moral messages contained in them.

  • Designated Survivor “Suddenly President”
designated survivor - series netflix 2020

Not about zombies, not about robberies, this time it’s even more unique about politics. Wait, don’t skip yet. Political themes aren’t always that complicated when they are packaged in a Netflix series.

Designated Survivor tells the story of a Minister who must suddenly become president without any prior preparation. This is due to a bomb blast in the Capitol Building that killed the president and all of his ministers.

This series presents us tricks and conflicts around politics that we did not know about before. Because it has an interesting storyline, this series also has a Korean version with the title Designated Survivor: 60 Days.

  • Itaewon Class “Best Webtoon Adaptation”
itaewon class - series netflix terbaru

Korean drama never runs out of interesting ideas. This Netflix 2020 series titled Itaewon Class is one of the proofs. The Korean drama series adapted from the Webtoon comic has a very high rating.

This series tells the story of the twists and turns of Park Sae-Royi, a child who upholds a sense of justice and humanity. However, his sense of justice brought Sae-Royi to a problem that led to his father’s death and made himself a convict. Long story short, Sae-Royi has a great determination to take revenge in a beautiful way.

  Not only recounts revenge, the Itaewon Class series also illustrates the diversity of people and F&B businesses in the region. For Webtoon fans, Itaewoon Class must be a must-watch.

  • Dracula “The Other Side of the Blood Sucker”
dracula - series netflix terbaru

This recommendation is incomplete if there is no serial with the horror genre. If you who like horror and expect intense and shocking horror series, Dracula can realize that hope.

The Dracula theme might sound classic, but this series will not be the same. The Dracula Netflix series features more detail and is more interesting than Dracula-themed films you’ve watched before.

This series cleverly reveals many myths about Dracula in our minds, such as anti-sun and anti-cross, as well as myths that say Dracula likes to drink human blood. Sure you will be presented with a plot that is not the same as usual.

Among the 5 recommendations from the latest Netflix series above, which one can make you feel at home in carrying out the WFH mission? Happy watching and happy social distancing!