In order to prevent the transmission of the pandemic Covid-19, the government appealed to conduct social distancing and quarantine themselves at home. Without creativity we can not enjoy to making activity when social distancing at home. Maybe this can be a challenge for us who are accustomed to doing many outside the home as our daily activities. We feel boredom and stress if we are locked up in the house for too long and of course this can endanger our health both mentally and physically. Therefore, try these various activity when doing social distancing.

  • Meditation
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This activity can make your soul more relaxed, not easily tense and depressed in dealing with these situations. Besides this activity can also increase your concentration power. Meditation is an easy activity when social distancing at home. Try to follow a few simple steps to meditate:

  1. Sit in an upright posture with your legs crossed, make your sitting position as comfortable as possible without changing your posture.
  2. Close your eyes, relax your body.
  3. Look for a quiet place without distraction, if you want to use music, choose music that is recommended for meditation to be able to focus.
  4. Regulate breathing, inhale and exhale regularly.
  5. Control your thoughts and feelings, it may be difficult when first done. (Pro Tips : focus only on the flow of breathing, feel the air we have to enter into our body.)
  • Quality Time with Family
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Work or other assignments are important but when you are given the opportunity to work at home don’t forget to gather and chat with people at home. Quality time with family is one way to establish intimate relationships to build harmonious relationships and bring balance to the personal lives of each family member. This simple activity you can try to implement:

  1. Doing homework together
  2. Cooking together
  3. Doing a picnic at home
  • Taking Time for Hobbies
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Social distancing can be an appropriate moment to start to pursue a hobby. Starting from reading a book, completing a movie or serial movie wish-list, or playing a console. Whatever type of hobby, you can do it now so you can feel happy and not bored at home. If you do not have a specific hobby, you can also take advantage of this free time with activities such as cleaning or changing the layout of the room / house, you can do it from small things like tidying the contents of your wardrobe, drawers and desk. This is important so you will still feel comfortable while doing many activities at home because the environment becomes clean and feels healthy.

  • Cooking
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If you usually eat food outside while in the office, this moment you can use to try some recipes on the internet. You can also do this activity with your family members to make it even more fun. No need to make difficult dishes like five star restaurants, you can also try various simple menus. Of course cooking at home can minimize your worries about getting sick because the food you process will be far more hygienic and healthier. 

  • Creating a Project
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Creating a project may be a new challenge that you should do so that your social distancing does not feel saturated. You can start by finding out in advance what activities you are interested in doing such as creating a blog, making a video for Youtube, recording the first episode of your podcast, knitting, learning to play music, or maybe gardening. By trying something new, you can improve your creativity and maybe it can be your career choice in the future. 

  • Doing Travel Planning
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During this quarantine we surely long to explore, right? Moreover, some are forced to cancel their trip and choose to do social distancing (you’re doing right, btw!). Try if you wish your next adventure after this pandemic ends, you can start compiling a list of tourist destinations that you want to visit. In addition you can also try to download applications that can help you to plan your trip like Treya. 

No one knows the exact time when this epidemic will end. Doing social distancing or #DiRumahAja is a simple step that we can give to help reduce the spread of the virus. Keep healthy and happy social distancing!